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Reiki is an energy healing modality that is gentle and potent.

  • Hope Artiste Village

Service Description

Reiki (universal life force energy) is an energy healing modality that is gentle and potent. Reiki helps in promoting the flow of your energy fields and overall well-being. This session will assist in revitalizing, clearing, and balancing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects and aid in the release of energetic stagnation and imbalances. During this session other metaphysical tools may be intuitively used such as crystals, essential oils (diffused), sound, and/or a one oracle card pull. We'll begin with a discussion about your goals and intentions for the session. Once we've set intentions, we will transition into the energy healing portion of the session. In the final portion of the session, we'll have the chance to share any insights and revelations encountered, or simply bask in the experience of your Reiki energy healing experience.

Terms and disclaimer

You may reschedule with a 24-hour notice. No refunds for missed sessions or late cancellations. Services are only provided for adult clients, 18 years and older. All services are for entertainment purposes only. Services and guidance from this website or from all and any of our practitioners are not to be misinterpreted as professional medical or psychiatric advice. If needed, please consult a licensed professional. By purchasing a service, you agree and accept all terms and disclaimer.

Contact Details

  • 401-400-1409

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