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Our Story

Crystalline Portal was a creation born from our sacred union to support the collective in their spiritual ascension path. We hope to hold sacred space and provide guidance and tools for the collective to

RE-DISCOVER their True Essence. We want Crystalline Portal to be an experience for the collective where they feel safe in doing the inner-work of releasing what is masking their True Essence. Through this release our being then starts to Crystallize, and thus the revelation of our true essence emerges.


From us, with light and gratitude, Welcome to the Portal! 

 ~ Alex and Anjely  

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Alex, Co-Founder

Alex is a compassionate and dedicated music creator, known for his unwavering work ethic and patient approach to art. His spiritual connection infuses compositions with soulful melodies that inspire and uplift. With an unyielding commitment to his craft, Alex embodies a deep connection to the artistic and ethereal dimensions of life. His goal is to help souls find their artistic wings and unlock their imagination's door to its infinite creative possibilities.

Anjely, Co-Founder & Practitioner

Anjely is passionate about assisting individuals in their journey through supporting spiritual growth and evolution. She hopes for her offerings to help individuals in revitalizing and aligning their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects for the RE-DISCOVERY of their true essence, to step into a higher vibrational embodiment. 

Anjely’s intention is to be in service through holistic practices. She uses a holistic integrative framework that is tailored to each individual. She works from an authentic, ethical, and embodied approach and all her services are heart-based, self-empowered, strengths based, and action oriented. Along her journey, Anjely was guided to study Crystals, Reiki, Angelic Healing, Card Readings, Intuitive Work, Astrology, and Animal Energy Healing and Communication, and has a background in Psychology and Counseling.  

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